Anu™ Clean Cup

Anu™ Clean Cup is ideal for all women and girls whether their flow be light or heavy.

Anu™ Clean Cup is perfect for all women with all types of lifestyles, whether it be a no end to my day stay-at-home mom, a busy on-the-go executive, an athlete , a world traveling diva, or a no excuses, I just don’t want to deal with the messiness of reusable cups or the hassle of frequently changing a tampon woman.

Benefits for You!

Anu™ Clean Cup can safely be worn for up to twelve hours.

Anu™ Clean Cup has such a comfortable fit, you can’t even feel it. It goes unnoticed during use.

Anu™ Clean Cup eliminates menstrual odor, since menstrual flow isn’t exposed to air.


While Anu™ Clean Cup is the ONLY menstrual cup that absorbs. Relax. It’s much easier to insert Anu™ Clean Cup when you’re relaxed. Inserting is much like inserting a tampon and usually takes a few tries before being able to comfortably insert so don’t worry. Refer to the instructions and diagrams so you know what to do.

Anu™ Clean Cup is made of a soft polymeric rim attached to a multi-layered reservoir. The reservoir is composed of three parts. An impervious polyurethane barrier coupled by a one way porous polyurethane film. Housed within the polyurethane layers is an absorbent polymer core. Anu™ Clean Cup’s unique design allows the cup to collect significantly increased amounts of fluids versus traditional menstrual products. Fluid stays locked away even under compression.


Yes, we will offer Anu™ Clean Cup in multiple sizes. I have an allergy issues with latex.

Yes! The Anu™ Clean Cup is made of medical-grade materials, latex-free, BPA free that won’t cause dryness, irritation or allergic reactions.

Anu™ Clean Cup should not interfere with an internal birth control device. However, all women are different so be informed about your circumstances and consult with your physician if needed.

No, Anu™ Clean Cup is a single-use device made to be disposed of after each use.

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